Central Dauphin Collective Bargaining Agreement

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The Central Dauphin School District is one of the largest and most diverse districts in the state. Consequently, the collective bargaining agreement negotiation process is a significant event that impacts numerous stakeholders, including teachers and administrators.

To provide an overview, the collective bargaining agreement (CBA) is a legal agreement that outlines the terms and conditions of employment between the school district and its employees. Negotiations for the CBA typically occur every few years and involve discussions around salary, benefits, and other employment-related issues.

In recent years, the Central Dauphin School District has experienced some turbulence during CBA negotiations. In 2019, the district faced a teacher strike that lasted for nine days due to a disagreement over salary increases and healthcare benefits. Since then, negotiations for the 2021-2024 CBA have begun, with teachers advocating for better working conditions and pay.

It is essential to note that the Central Dauphin School District is not unique in facing challenges during CBA negotiations. Negotiating a CBA is a complex process that involves balancing the needs of employees with the financial limitations of the school district.

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